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One member on the Council of Secrethusssh tried to reveal information about the group, but was stopped.

Failed leak[]

This councilmember attempted to leak information regarding the other members by editing the "Council of Secrethusssh" article as follows:

The councilmembers on the Council of Secrethusssh have deliberated and now know one of their fellow councilmembers may or may not have revealed a few of their secrets and their existence on the Ulantis Wiki. The councilmembers who have not been named yet (as only councilmembers know the names of the other councilmembers and naming them on this wiki would only prove the dissent and betrayal of a certain councilmember) I will write their names in the immortal ink of the online gods below as well as explain their weaknesses and tell you how to find them--

Oh no. The Grawdafator just drilled through my impenetrable nununatium door. I do not have much time. Help, adventurers! Come save me aterigvbritdlhntinhtnrihgwsggggggggggggggggg

He has not been seen editing an article since.

Articles edited[]

This councilmember's existence is confirmed by the contributions to the following articles: