Kertso Wildish [Kuhrt-so Wild-ish] is the main character in the hit TV drama Not Heroes Anymore. He is played by Jeelala Doekneenus. He has a plethora of memorable quotes such as, "Save the Kippos save the world."

Kertso Wildish is the roguish shapeshifter who masquerades as several notable characters of royal blood including: Demon Lord Demigolatea, Edge Lord Tito, Bunny Princess Kneeladayso, The all knowing child of the kippo's wing, and Remody.

Kertso Wildish spends his days playing cardgames in the fictional elvish kingdom while he searches for the Secret Council of Hush Hush in an attempt to free his father from the dreaded Mr. Grawgraw-eat-cat-naw. Although Kertso Wildish has a devoted horde of fangirls that crowd around him as he sneaks through the vicious underworld, he always seems to avoid suspicion due to his 2Kool4U gauntlet nicknamed Tori.

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