Not much is known about Jerveyland, and what is known comes from the Scripts of Secrethusssh. Jerveyland has only a single resident who wanders the empty plains, vast mountain ranges, and drug infested inner cities. Rumors suggest that if one was able to stop this lone wanderer and ask him a question, the lone resident of Jerveyland could tell a story to last until the end of time entirely made up of tangents, tales he's heard, and observations he's made while exploring Jerveyland.

Very few adventurers have heard this resident's tales. From the accounts of few survivors, it is known that there are no dragons in Jerveyland. The sole resident had gotten tired of fantasy and magic and cast all fairy tale creatures out of his land.

Whispers claim that the resident has the ability to turn his words into their material forms. If one asked him to tell them a story about a mountain of gold and the resident stayed away from tangents long enough to do so, the mountain of gold would appear.

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