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Elkish is the primary language spoken by the Elkan Clan in the northern Kordo Islands. Elkish is one of 5 Hartic languages, and is most similar to Fendir.


Elkish is an OSV language, which is fairly uncommon. As in most of the Hartic languages, there are only 5 parts of speech in Elkish: Nouns, Verbs, Modifiers, Connectors, and Interjections.

Elkish does not have plural/singular distinction on nouns or tenses on verbs, and those are instead indicated by modifiers. The distinction between conjunctions and prepositions does not exist in Elkish, either.

Pronouns don't exist in Elkish and are replaced by modified nouns.

Pronoun English Elkish Transliteration
1st person I / we lin-as
2nd person you lin-ud
3rd person he / she / they




The word "lin" means "person" and the word "ko" means "thing".

Elkish puts modifiers after the nouns and verbs they modify.