Ulantis Wiki

A mysterious council that may or may not dabble in the dark arts and childrens card games. Rumors whisper about their grand scribe abilities and many secrets.

One must seek out an acolyte of the Council of Secrethussh and pronounce the council's name correctly in order to be brought into the order. There are no records of the councilmembers existing outside of the council's records and thus only the council knows of the councilmembers existence.

The Council of Secrethusssh has a secret library where they guard their many secret secrets including the Scripts of Secrethusssh. Only councilmembers know how to access their secret library and their sacred texts.

Attempted leak[]

Recently there has been an attempt by a dissenting councilmember to release information about the council on this wiki. The councilmember edited this page as follows:

The councilmembers on the Council of Secrethusssh have deliberated and now know one of their fellow councilmembers may or may not have revealed a few of their secrets and their existence on the Ulantis Wiki. The councilmembers who have not been named yet (as only councilmembers know the names of the other councilmembers and naming them on this wiki would only prove the dissent and betrayal of a certain councilmember) I will write their names in the immortal ink of the online gods below as well as explain their weaknesses and tell you how to find them--

Oh no. The Grawdafator just drilled through my impenetrable nununatium door. I do not have much time. Help, adventurers! Come save me aterigvbritdlhntinhtnrihgwsggggggggggggggggg

The councilmember's edit has subsequently been removed, but this section of the wiki was added to reflect the new information.